Thursday, June 30, 2011

Life is beautiful. Really, it is. Full of beauty and illusions. Life is great. Without it, you'd be dead.

June is almost over and my summer has begun. I have two months ahead of me to photograph, film and document. I'll be outside exploring, travelling, reading in the passenger seat. I've had a wonderful year and I feel proud to have accomplished so much, but I know I have so much more to give. Recently my dreams have become progressively more surreal which I dislike, so I'm trying not to sleep too much. I find that I lose all focus while sat in my garden, cigarette in hand, as my mind drifts off to some other time.
I've bought a lot of books recently, all second hand of course. Chelsea boots, in preparation for colder weather, are also among my recent purchases. Tonight I have one final film review to write, then my summer officially begins. Recent photographs below, full of colour. 

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