Sunday, August 28, 2011

That is the magic of Chanel, it does not age. Few things are like that. There is Charlie Chaplin, The Beatles and Chanel.

Tonight I may watch Lullaby for Pi, I've read such good reviews on it I'm inclined to see what all the fuss is about. If Clémence Poésy isn't reason enough, a storyline focused around a reclusive artist and an unsuccessful musician certainly is. As I'm currently trying to save money I'm spending my time indoors, trying to be productive, although cheesy television has been luring me back to bed. However this week I painted every room in my house with fresh white paint, put up blinds and tidied my garden up. I feel old, but complacent. Below are several photographs from last weekend, my internet is going so slow I can't seem to upload very many. 


  1. stunning!! Did you use film for this?

  2. Lorna you take the most beautiful photographs, you certainly are talented with a camera! I really hope you enjoy Lullaby for Pi, I've been watching it at least once a day since I saw it! I hope you're well, xx

  3. Hannah - Thank you so much, I didn't use film no! I'm using an ancient digital camera at the moment which creates a really nice tone.

    Daise - Thank you so much, that means a great deal to me. I've not watched it yet I'm afraid! I can't wait to though xxx